Susan Prosser, R.N., B.Sc.N., M.A., R.P.

My career started in nursing, where my desire to counsel and assist others emotionally, socially and spiritually led me to the bedsides of patients, where I preferred being with them and their loved ones to assist them in their adaptation, recovery and reintegration to their world, rather than in the practical side of nursing. 
This passion led me to public health nursing where it was my job to help people and families live their healthiest lives.  
It was at that time I was introduced to Adlerian Psychology. I learned to be a parent educator and eagerly began teaching classes regularly.  

I went on to teach nursing at McGill University in Montreal, and later at community college where I found myself keeping office hours to – you guessed it – counsel students. 

I just seemed to come to life whenever I was in the role of counsellor and helper.  I stayed home with my children and did volunteer work in my community and church, which most often had me leading programs for life enrichment and parenting and being with individuals and families to assist them in some way.

Finally, I listened to my friends and decided to make my passion official by returning to study Adlerian Psychology and earning my Master’s degree.  It was at this time, in 1993, that I met Marion Balla, President of The Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group, and began to work on her team.  I have been in private practice ever since, working with individuals, families and couples to guide them towards their goals for improving their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual lives and relationships.

I believe we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.  Learning how to live on this planet is no small feat for anyone. We are here to help ourselves and to help each other figure it out and do it as well as possible.

We are not capable of using talents we do not possess. We are here to use what we do have.  We live in different situations and circumstances and we need to discover our unique ways to use our whole selves to make a difference.  
I have been blessed to live in a country where there is no war.  I am a privileged white woman with strong genetic material.  I have a fascination for human behaviour and relationships that I have channelled into a successful career.  I am still learning about why I am here and what I can offer.  

As a psychotherapist, I feel honoured every day to be able to share my knowledge and years of experience with my clients who seek to improve their lifestyles and relationships. 

As an Adlerian Psychotherapist I hold the values of mutual respect, encouragement, holism and equality dear to my heart.  I work with my clients to understand deeply what makes them tick.

The better one knows oneself, the better one can use that self for the greater good. My goal in helping people is to help others to discover who they are at their core, where they are the strongest and the best versions of themselves.  The more we know about our inner treasures the more valuable they become.

Who am I at my core?

My soul is best expressed through my heart and creativity as a mother, grandmother, wife, friend, psychotherapist, teacher, writer and artist.  All of these expressions are works in process. 

What is the Process?

My training in being a therapist began in my early years when my predisposition for helping others was met by parents and a sister who needed my help.

My desire for nursing was born of the same interests and passions.

Teaching others became important as my desire to help broadened.  I taught nursing, community groups, and parenting groups, and loved the opportunities to speak with wider audiences through the media. 

When I finished my first Kundalini Yoga class I knew I had come home. Being a Kundalini Yoga teacher gives me perspectives and tools to assist and deepen healing and growth.

My teaching at the Master’s level at the Adler School of Professional Psychology keeps my skills current and sharp and my passion stoked.

As a writer, speaker, workshop leader and educator I love to bring my experience to groups of people searching for assistance and insights into creating healthy and meaningful lifestyles.

My best training and preparation in life has been experienced through my relationships.  Being a mother has been, and still is, the most important work I have ever done.  I live in gratitude for my two daughters and their families.  My four grandchildren make my heart sing and offer me many opportunities to live in full joy.

My marriages have taught me about life and have assisted me in learning how to love and be loved.  My current husband is a psychologist and a Buddhist with a beautiful, kind soul, a crazy sense of humour, and a brilliant mind.  He has become my best friend.  We continue to teach each other what it means to live ‘in love’.

The more challenging a relationship is, the more we can learn about ourselves.  The relationships with my parents and sister taught me and guided me towards self-discovery and maturity.  
My friendships have done the same.  As painful as the process can be at times, the more they have taught me.

My heart continues to risk opening toward an inner light that brings me joy and fulfillment.  My wish is that my book, Growing Home, will assist your process.