Growing Home

In a society that profits from self-doubt, self love is an act of rebellion.”
— Author unknown

I hope that Growing Home – A Lifetime Process of Self-Awareness and Transformation will encourage you to live your life in self awareness, self love and self compassion so that you can be a presence in the world that will change lives and hearts. 

Home is where your inner light resides.  Our hearts and minds are meant to radiate that inner light.  But our hearts are breaking with the internal suffering of each human being and the global suffering brought on by hatred and fear.  Healing our hearts and bringing our inner world and external world into the light is the answer.

We are all in this life together. We tend to feel separate and suffer needlessly because we think that others are smarter, saner, happier and healthier than we are. It is not true. 

Social media thrives and we become diminished.  We get pulled into superficial ideals that we strive for in order to find elusive happiness.  We don’t understand why we become more and more miserable.  

We think that when we finally have the right car, purse, physique, bank account and make-up that we will finally be valued and respected.  When that doesn’t work, we seek further external validation -- and that doesn’t work.  We watch Netflix and Hollywood movies and we see what doesn’t work but we still want what they have.  Misery grows. 

Many escape into drugs, alcohol, pornography, food, video games, Twitter and Instagram for relief. Since such relief is not sustainable, many keep returning for the brief moments of pleasure; only to experience more distress in the form of anxiety, depression and insecurity.  

There are sustainable ways to feel better and to thrive in life.  Growing Home will help guide you towards finding them. They exist within you.  Everything that you need is within you.  You were born as a shining light, meant to thrive and make a difference.  

There are a zillion ways your light may have been diminished but you won’t turn it on again by seeking outside pleasure and validation.  As you return home to your inner light you will begin to grow to become the person you were meant to be.  You will grow home!

Everyone has inner demons – they are a dime a dozen.  But everyone has inner talents, and that is where the treasure lies.  Focusing on inner strengths and truths is the only way to thrive.  We are all good at focusing on the negatives and the deficits, but that focus will not bring anything of value to your life. This book will help you to shift into the truth of who you are and bring you to a more conscious awareness of what you bring to the world and what you are here to do.  We all have an inner light. This needs to be stoked to shine bright.  Everyone needs more awareness about how to turn on the inner light and move towards a life of meaning and fulfillment.

Growing Home is meant to guide your discovery of your true essence. As you delve into the wonderful world of discovering yourself at your best you will not only thrive but you will have an impact on world suffering. 
Buddhists believe that a peaceful mind contributes vastly to the peace of the planet. One act of kindness can have significant effects on a life. Never underestimate your contributions. We can’t all be activists who are dedicating their entire lives to their causes; but we can consciously find ways to activate our own lives so that we effect change in meaningful ways however small or large. 

When we care about our own inner world we are more equipped to care for others. When we have compassion for ourselves, compassion for others grows. When we honour our own true essence we can more readily honour others. When we become conscious we raise the vibrations of the planet and others benefit. When we bless ourselves, others are blessed. When we believe in ourselves we can believe in others. When we encourage ourselves we can uplift others. 

Believe in You.
Be You. 
Do You.