Growing Home is a wonderful explanation of Alfred Adler’s gifts to psychology and our innate desire to live authentically. Susan has made these important concepts readable and accessible to all. Notably, she brings awareness to the gift of each human state of being, beautifully making the case for the necessity of staying with our emotional Self. Her distinction between love and desperation for connection will awaken relationships. I recommend this workbook to all who find themselves in the place of discovery and yearning to finally walk on this earth in their own Soulful shoes.
— Laure Schwartz, MA, LPC Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director
What a crowning achievement! Susan has managed to take her own personal life experiences, her training and expertise, her professional experience and distill it all down to a personal guide for growth and healing, with love in every word, comma and period. I am adding this to my short list of “bibles” for life.
— Dr. Tony Sandorfi Neuro-Structural Chiropractor Owner of The Happy Spine
I was intrigued with the integration of yoga, the works of Erikson and Alder to create a meaningful perspective and what I believe to be a beneficial and helpful manual for self-exploration.
— R. James Little, M.Ed., M.A., C. Psych. Registered Psychologist President, Adler Graduate Professional School
A deeply personal and uplifting journey that inspires you to take the road less traveled toward your true self… a guided tour using your own wisdom as you “grow home”.
— Karen Brownrigg, CHRL, CEC Founder & CEO iHR Advisory Services
As I read Growing Home I felt the movement on every page and the confidence unfolding to be your whole self. It offers insights and gentle guidance for walking a path towards well-being and personal fulfillment.
— Marion Balla, M.S.W., President, Adlerian Counselling and Consulting Group, Ottawa Canada.